MK ELECTRONICSProvide new possibilities

MK Electronics never stops in proposing different possibilities based on its experience in development and sale of labor-saving equipment, such as cable processing devices, responding precisely to the manufacturing companies’ requirements that are updated day by day.

Our Company

Since our foundation in 1988, we, MK Electronics, have been struggling in development, manufacturing and sales of cable processing devices, which are indispensable in almost any manufacturing sites. In our various fields of work, we particularly focus on in-house design and development. We try to develop not only the products with all the functions that the customer wishes but also simple products that can be easily used by anyone, safe products that offer a strong confidence, and excellent products in cost performance. We understand that there is no such thing as a perfect product since the customer requirements always changes. But we will continue to force ourselves in developing products that exceed customer requirements while always trying to enhance our technical capabilities.

Our Targets

Further worldwide expansion

We are receiving more and more inquiries about our products by overseas companies who we met in International Expositions. Now we try to expand our market by launching of sales base first in Southeast Asia, and later in various countries in America and Europe to realize our final goal of worldwide expansion.

Developing online business where business needs are expanding

Our business style has been direct contact with the customers at the site to listen to their opinions at the workplace and to propose them optimum products. However, demand for online order is increasing due to fast and convenient service from purchase to delivery. Maintaining our corporate policy of being always close to the customer, we aim to build up an electronic commerce site to respond to any customer’s requests.

In-House Development of Our Own Products to Respond Customers’ Requests

Products designed and developed in our company are born from the opinions of customers such as "I want a stripper that can accommodate cables of this thickness", or "I wonder if there was one that could handle different cable sizes". We will continue to develop products, making use of our unique and advanced technology.

What We Value

Our products are developed always listening to the customers’ voices. Our technology is what customers would like, our quality is that customers can reassure, and our staff are whom any customer can rely on.

What We Care About 01


We always keep in mind in improving technology in design and development. Technology is the most essential part to respond to the customer with satisfactory products that meet every one of different requirements, which arrive at us one after the other from many different industries.

What We Care About 02


Our products with the stable quality are receiving favorable reviews by the customers. But we are never satisfied with the current reputation, Our staff visit the customers, take the opinions about the usage, and check the usability. Based on what we hear from the customers on the visit, we constantly try to improve and advance, aiming for further progress in quality.

What We Care About 03

Contacts with People

Even after the sale, we regularly visit our customers to keep close communication. By doing so, not only can we respond immediately when a problem occurs, but also there is nothing more relevant than the actual user's voices. Many customers repeat coming back to us is the proof of the confidence in our products and staff.