ADVANTAGEThree Pillars

Three Pillars Supporting MK Electronics

"Excellent technical capability," which goes beyond customers’ expectation. "Precisely and correctly prepared product," which suits for every customer’s requirement. "Perfect support service" to provide necessary services whenever needed. Being one of the leading companies in the cable processing industry, we continue to propose new ideas based on these tree pillars.

01Technical capability

Customized Products

There are tens of thousands not only of cable types but also of processing methods. In order to precisely respond to customers' different requests, we also support order-made production. Taking advantage of our experience of in-house design and development, we deal with flexible custom made orders, which is unique to us.

Development on Our Own Idea

Our technology is based on our unique idea. We do not only prepare the products following the customer requirements but also thoroughly study the technology that can satisfy the customer. The idea cultivated over time has resulted in brand new technology, with many of which we have acquired numerous patents.

Our Design Engineer Speaks About the Feeling towards the Products

We always try to design products that meets our customer needs. In our company we keep a very close tie with sales department, so that we always are aware of what the customer is looking for at every moment. This is why we are so fast in developing the products reflecting the customer requirements. Our customers receive the products they want without waiting too much. I think that is one of the big reasons why our customers are satisfied with us.

02Product capability

"Quality" in MK Electronics

Our strippers are very stable; strip cables always with the same precision. Also, they are reliable; never scratch the cable core. They are very convenient as they can save the set values. Our customers are very satisfied with our products’ quality and handiness. We try to be recognized through exhibitions to promote further global expansion. We will continue to pursue the path up to the goal to achieve the world's highest quality.

CE Marking Compliant Product

CE marking shows that the product conforms to the essential requirements (safety, environmental protection standards, etc.) prescribed in European directives and regulations when the product is exported to EU member countries. MK Electronics works diligently on products for the European market and has acquired CE marking.
Digital cable stripper
MKS504S/504P(Harness processing machine)


Digital cable stripper for large diameter


Records Of Deliveries in Overseas

In China, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, and Russia

Patented Products Enhancing Quality and Value

Since its founding, MK Electronics has been striving to improve its technology to try to satisfy customers’ requirements. Our efforts have been fruitful and we were able to acquire a number of patents. We will continue to produce valuable products for our customers while grasping the market needs of the changing times.

Patent List

6176680Dust collecting unitJuly 21, 2017
5791137 Rotating cutter, centering unit, and detachment device for coated cablesAugust 14, 2015
5699121Detachment device for coated cablesFebruary 20, 2015

03Support capability

Delivery, Maintenance, and Support in Japan

Our full-time specialized maintenance staff will repair whenever needed all over the country. And while repairing, we will prepare substitute machines so as not to stop the customers’ daily work. If the timing allows, shipment on the same day is possible. We also work on prototyping suitable for different applications. We will respond with optimal services and suggestions tailored to customer requirements.

If it is close to our company, we will visit immediately and repair it. In order not to stop customers' daily work, we offer substituting machine during anticipated repair time.
Renting Out Demonstration Machine
We offer demonstration machines to rent to customers who are considering purchasing. By actually using the machine, the customer can see the cuts and grip traces of the cable in order to choose the most suitable one.
Trial Production
We support sample processing. If you send us the cable you use, we will carry out trial production to propose models suitable for that cable.